• New Tamagotchi P's Announced

The new Tamagotchi P is being released in Japan tomorrow. My husband bought me a white one for Christmas. There are to be 32 new characters. Are you getting one?

  • Rare Oreo Mouse Giga Pet

This is a rare find. I bought this roughly 6 - 7 years ago off of ebay. The last few times I saw one on ebay, they sold for around $150. This was a limited edition Giga Pet themed after Oreo. You could send off an order form to receive these from Oreo around 1998.

It plays just like any other Giga Pet. The menu is changed around a bit, but you can still teach it tricks, play a game with it, feed it food and treats, bathe it, take it to the vet, and of course, clean up it's poo. The food is cheese and the treats are naturally, oreo cookies.

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