Human Player Guide

This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to post this to have a project to work from.

As an introduction, this guide is about the Bandai Human Player. Most people are reluctant to purchase this "pet", because it is heavy in Japanese. I have been working on translating the screens and testing gameplay.

When you start up the Human Player, you are to make yourself. You will enter your birthdate, name, current date, and begin the personality quiz. I'm sorry that I do not remember the order of birthdate/name/current date. When I purchase another one, I hope to get more information on this.

To take the personality quiz, visit this website: The top option is for the Human Player quiz, while the bottom options is for the Mirai Scope quiz. This is the same quiz that will appear on your Human Player. It is a fun way to try it out before you purchase, though.

Answer the questions on your Human Player that would be the most appropriate for you, or whoever you put in later. You can add more people after you enter yourself for the first time. The options are O for yes, X for no, and > for neither. Follow along, and at the end you will see what type of personality you have. Check out the translated list of questions here.

After you have finished the quiz, it will tell you what personality type you have. This will also be noted with a letter. There are 22 different personality types you can get. They are lettered from A to V. You can only have 16 humans on a single Human Player, so if you want to collect all the personalities, you will have to have more than one. There is also a menu option to see what personalities you have collected. More on that later in the guide.


  • Human
    • A list of your humans
      • Play (the screen to see your human's activity)
      • Status
        • ID
        • Gender
        • Birthdate
        • Personality Type
        • First Characteristic
        • Second Characteristic
        • Third Characteristic
        • Stats
          • Body
          • Heart
          • Intellect
        • Advice of the Day
      • Life
        • Work
        • School
        • Free Time
  • Game
    • Dokkiri (like candid camera)
    • Which way
  • Friend
    • ID
    • Connect
    • New Human
    • Reconfigure
    • Delete Human
    • Clear
  • Option
    • Sound
    • Screen Shut Off Time
    • Clock Set


Here you will see a numbered list of all of your registered humans. It will show their name at the top, and which number they are out of how many humans you have. You review your other humans by pressing the left or right arrow buttons.

When you select the human you want, you will see three menu options: Play, Status, and Life.

"Play" is where you can watch what your human is doing. This is where all the cute animations come from. If you hit the O button while viewing your human, a caption will marquee across the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, you will see the same animation, but a different caption. This can completely change the scene. For instance, I sent my human to school. They were sleeping with their head on their desk and the caption said "Asleep". A little later, they were whistling and writing on a piece of paper. The caption said "Test". A little later, my human was back to sleeping on his desk, but the caption still said "Test". He was being naughty and sleeping through his test!

"Status" is where you can see details about your human. The pages in order are ID, Gender, Birth date, Personality type, three screens of characteristics, Stats, and their daily need. The ID page has the katakana code that allows you to send your human to anyone else's Human Player. Gender and birth date are pretty self-explanatory. The Personality type page shows the letter denomination of your characters personality as well as the name. After this, there are three screens of text. Each page represents an separate characteristic about your human. These have been very difficult to translate. Sometimes you can get the general idea of what it is saying, but others might leave you clueless!

The stats page shows your human's current stats for the day. This is called your human's Biorhythm. In order they are Body, Heart, and Intellect. The values in these can be -10 to +10. When your number is negative, that means it is a sluggish period. Your human will not perform well in that area. When your number is positive, your biorhythm is in a harmonic period. You will perform well in that area.

Advice of the Day
The last page shows the daily advice for your human. This is where you will get a hint on what your human will need to do for the day. Choose wisely, and their stats will improve. Work improves body, rest improves heart, and school improves intellect.

"Life" is where you select what your human should be doing. Did you notice I put should be? There have been times where I have sent them to work or school, and all I will see is an empty chair at a desk. The caption will say "playing hooky". The first option is work, second is school, and third is rest. When you have a human rest, they will do things that you would do in your free time. They might play sports, read a book, go out to eat, etc.


The next section of the top menu is "Game". The game menu has two different games for you to play. These are not like your normal virtual pet games. These are games that your humans play, so you don't really get any say in what happens. What it allows you to do is see what each human's personality causes them to react to different situations.


The first game is called Dokkiri. It is based off of Japanese prank shows much like Candid Camera. Your human will be put into these situations, and you can watch what they decide to do. To give them short names, I will dub them the Turtle, Photo book, Non-Lover, and Cockroach situations.

Turtle Situation

Your human sees someone bullying a turtle right in front of their eyes. They will either walk away, or scream at the person and take the turtle to a safe place.

Photo Book Situtation

Your human will walk past a stack of gravure photo books. They will either stop and look at one, or keep walking.

Non-Love Situation

Your human will be next to a non-lover. In a males case, it is a "beautiful" woman. He will either try to talk to her, or stare off in another direction randomly checking his watch. In a females case, it is a "good man". She will either try to talk to him, or will be turned away talking on a phone.

Cockroach Situation

Your human will look down to see a cockroach on the ground. They will either pick it up, shake it, and toss it away, or they will completely freak out with lightning bolts in the air.

The second game is called "Which person on show?" It shows you two of your humans, and then asks a question. It will ask which is more likely... Then you will see a bar above their heads determining which human is more likely to fulfill the questions criteria. An example question is: しんのやさしさをもってそうなのはどっち (Which is likely to bring a true kindness?). Whoever wins will be seen petting a dog.

The ID is option is to let you register humans from other Human Players. This lets you register another human without having an in-person IR connection. You can trade humans with other players all around the world.

The connect option is to let you connect with another Human Player via the IR port. When your Human Players connect, you can select which human you want to interact. You will see an animation of how the humans react to each other. Then if you select the O button, it will allow you to register the other human in your Human Player.

New Human
The next option is the New Human option. This will allow you to create another human in your Human Player. This is the same process as creating your first human, but now you can make your friends, family, or a fictitious person. Take the 50 questions quiz, give them a gender, birthdate, and name, and you have yourself another human!

The reconfigure option allows you to change the personality of one of your registered humans. It will let you take the 50 question quiz again. It will not allow you to change their name, gender, or birthdate.

Delete Human
The delete human option allows you to select a human to delete. Pretty self-explanatory. You will not be able to recover this human after you have deleted it.

The clear option allows you to reset your Human Player. This will erase all the information and humans on your system, and lets you start from scratch, so be careful with this one!!

The first section under "Option" is sound. This will let you turn the sound on or off. The menu option with the music note on it, is to turn the sound on. The other is to turn it off.

Screen Shut Off Time
The screen shut off time allows you to select how long your screen will stay on before it goes to sleep. Your humans will continue to go about their lives after the screen has turned off. This is to preserve battery life.

Clock Set
The last option is the clock set option.. It will allow you to change the time and date on your Human Player.

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