P1 Guide

This was the Tamagotchi that started it all. The very first virtual pet. Released in Japan in 1996, then the US in 1997, this toy took the world over as the newest craze.

The Japanese language characters will be in parenthesis.

  • Food
    • Meal (ごはん)
    • Snack (おかし)
  • Light
    • On (おん)
    • Off (おふ)
  • Game
  • Medicine
  • Bathroom
  • Status
    • Screen 1
      • Age (才)
      • Weight
    • Screen 2
      • Discipline (しつけ)
    • Screen 3
      • Hungry (おなか)
    • Screen 4
      • Happy (ごきげん)
  • Discipline

This is the icon you use to feed your Tama. The top item is the meal. Each meal will fill one hungry heart. The bottom item is the snack. Each snack will fill one happy heart, but it will also cause your Tama to gain twice the weight a meal will. Don't feed your Tama too many snacks, or it will get sick.

When your Tama goes to sleep at night, you will have to turn the light off. When it wakes up, the light will automatically turn on.

The game on this Tama is very simple. You just guess which direction your Tama will turn. This is completely random. You get 5 tries. If you get at least 3 out of 5 guesses correct, then you will fill one happy heart. If you get all 5 tries correct, then you will fill two happy hearts. Each game you play, your Tama will lose 1 pound.

When you see a skull icon on the screen, your Tama is sick. It will need medicine. Select this option to cure it. If your Tama is sick enough, it may take several doses to get better. Continue to give it medicine until the skull goes away.

When your Tama poops, you need to clean it up, or it will get sick. Select this icon to clear the poop on the screen.

Use this icon to see the status of your Tama. It will show the Tama's age, weight, discipline meter, hunger meter, and happy meter.

If your Tama is calling you for care, but it has at least one of each hungry and happy hearts, then it needs to be disciplined. Select this icon to get your Tama to straighten up its attitude!

To mute your Tama's sound, press both the A and C buttons simultaneously when on the character screen.

Set Time
To set the time, press the A and C buttons simultaneously while on the clock screen.

Growth Charts

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