Pocket Turtle Guide

The Pocket Turtle was a virtual pet released in Japan in the late 90's. Unlike many pets released in Japan, the Pocket Turtle is actually English language, and comes with English instructions while having Japanese packaging. The goal of the game is to properly care for your turtle to adulthood.


  • Food
  • Light
    • On
    • Off
  • Game
  • Injection
  • Toilet
  • Status
    • Screen 1
      • Age
      • Weight
    • Mood
    • Thirst
    • Hunger
  • School
  • Alert

When the Pocket Turtle starts, you will see a turtle moving around on the screen. Press any button to be taken to the clock set screen. Use the A button to change the hour, and the B button to change the minutes. Once you have set the correct time, press the C button to confirm.

Your turtle needs both water and fish to survive. Each glass of water fills one thirst icon. Each fish fills one hunger icon.

When your turtle needs to sleep, it will call on you to turn out the light. Select this option, then select the light bulb that is off to turn the lights off. The lights will automatically turn on when your turtle wakes up.

The object of the game is to select the correct ball. The ball that is "correct" is random. Select the A button to choose the left ball, and the B button to choose the right ball. There are 5 chances to guess in each round.

When you see a spirit hanging over your turtle, it is sick. Select this icon to give your turtle some medicine.

Your turtle has to poop. When poop shows up on the screen, it will look like Minecraft flint. Use this icon to clean it up.

Use the status menu to see how your turtle is doing.

This is how old your turtle is. 1 day = 1 year

This is how much your turtle weighs.

This is how happy your turtle is. Fill the three hearts by playing some games to make your turtle very happy.

This shows how thirsty your turtle is. Give him some glasses of water to fill this meter.

This shows how hungry your turtle is. Give him some fish to fill this meter.

Your turtle must go to school at least once per day before he can play any games. There is no meter for schooling, it is just something he must complete before he can play.

This icon will light up when your turtle needs something.

To mute the sound, press the A and C buttons simultaneously on the turtle screen. Press again to turn the sound back on.

To set the clock time, press the A and C buttons simultaneously on the clock screen. Use the A button to set the hour, and the B button to set the minutes. Press C to confirm.

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