QPets Guide


  • Pet Diary (宠物日记)
    • Status (状态)
      • Name
      • Weight
      • Closeness (亲密度)
      • Wisdom Value (智慧值)
      • Hunger
      • Cleanliness
    • Achievements Badges (成就徽章)
  • Look After/Care (照顾)
    • Feeding (喂食)
    • Clean (清洁)
    • Petting (抚摸)
    • Treatment (治疗)
  • Pet Paradise (宠物乐园)
    • Games (游戏)
      • Jumping Pets (跳跳萌宠)
      • Eating Fruit (吃水果)
    • Training (训练)
      • Shake Hands (握手)
      • Circling (转圈)
      • Tumble (跟斗)



When you startup your pet, you choose from three different types of the animal. See the character chart below. You will start off with a few foods to feed your pet, but you will need to feed it, then go win more food to stock up.


Pet Diary

The pet diary is where the information about your pet is stored. You can check the current status of your pet as well as see your gameplay progress.



The status screen shows your pet's name, weight, closeness percentage, training score, hunger, and cleanliness.

Closeness percentage is how close you and your pet are. If you neglect your pet, the score will go down. The more you care for your pet, the more the score will go up, and the more achievement badges you will be able to unlock!

Training score (wisdom value) is how well trained your pet is. The more successful training sessions you have with your pet, the smarter they become, and the more training games you can unlock.


Achievement Badges

As you play the game, you can unlock achievement badges. Rather than watching your pet grow from a baby to an adult, you work on becoming closer to your pet, and raising their wisdom.


Look After/Care

The care section is where you have options to take care of all your pets needs.



You can use the feeding option to feed your pet. There are five different foods that you can earn for your pet through playing games. Each food shows a number beside it to show how many you currently have in stock. Keeping your pet well-fed helps raise the closeness percentage.


This option allows you to bathe your pet. They will get dirty, so they need to be cleaned. They get dirty over time, but they can also get dirty quickly by training a lot. Keeping your pet clean helps raise the closeness percentage.


This option allows you to pet your animal. There isn't a meter to show how much they need to be pet, but if they are empty on other meters, it takes 5 pets before they refuse to be petted anymore. Petting your animal helps raise the closeness percentage.


Sometimes your pet will get sick. This option allows you to give them a shot and heal them. Don't let them stay sick long, or they will leave you!


Pet Paradise

The Pet Paradise section is where you can play games with your pet to earn food, or train them to increase their wisdom.



There are two games for you to play with your pet and earn food. You can get 0-5 star ratings for how well you have played the games. If you get no stars, then you win no food or closeness points. If you get 1-4 stars, you closeness points and 1 food. If you get 5 stars, you get more closeness points and 2 foods.

Jumping Pets is a platform jumping game where you try to avoid the questionable-looking rods that move back and forth beneath the platforms. Platforms can have either a heart or skull on them. Collect the hearts, and avoid the skulls to win. Use the A or C buttons to move left and right. Press the B button to jump to the next platform.
Eating Fruit is an elimination game where fruit descends on the screen, and you have to select the fruit type to eliminate. Clear the screen before any fruit hits the bottom line. You have 5 "lives" for selecting a fruit that isn't currently on the screen. If you use all your lives or a fruit hits the bottom line, the game is over. Use the A button to change the fruit type, and press B to eliminate that fruit.


The training section is where you increase the wisdom of your pet. You start off with two training games, then as your score increases, you can unlock more. Each successful training will earn your pet 10 wisdom points. If you are not successful, you will earn no points.

To play Shake Hands, press the corresponding button to which direction your pet's paw is. For some reason, the rabbit pet's left and right is switched, so if you see it's paw pointed right, press the A button.
To play Circling, make note of the directional arrows, and the number beside them. For a left-pointing arrow, use the A button. For a right-pointing arrow, use the B button. Press the corresponding button for the amount of times that shown next to the arrow. Press the top arrow first, then the bottom arrow. For example, if it shows a left arrow on top with "x 2" next to it, then a right arrow below with "x 1" next to it, press the A button 2 times, then press the B button 1 time. If you entered the directions correctly, your pet will circle in the directions you entered, and you will receive wisdom points after three successful rounds.
Tumbling unlocks after you have earned 200 wisdom points. Press the B button when the circle in the corner of the screen fills in. It will become a filled circle three times for your pet to do a full flip. If you succeed three times, you win.

More training games will be added as I unlock them.


Companionship - 20% closeness
Inseparable - 40% closeness
Darling Little Pet - 300 Wisdom
Clever Little Pet - 500 Wisdom

Training Games
Circling - 200 Wisdom value

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