Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where did you buy (insert type) pet?
    I buy all my pets from eBay, Amazon, Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Japan, and other collectors.
  2. I don't see (insert type) pet for sale anywhere. Where can I buy it?
    If you cannot find a certain pet for sale, then keep looking and waiting. Many of the pets are collector's items, and haven't been in production for years. You just have to wait until one comes up for sale.
  3. Will you give me one for free?
    No. This is a question that is very rude to ask any collector.
  4. Will you sell any pets?
    You can see what pets I have for sale in the Shop section of the site. I will not sell anything from my personal collection.
  5. I can't afford this pet. Why are they so expensive?
    These are collector's items. They will rarely be cheap. The more time that passes, the more rare they become.
  6. What is your favorite pet?
    My favorite Tamagotchi is the Mori No or Morino.
  7. What pet should I get first?
    It depends on what you are looking for. I usually suggest to start at the beginning of a series. It seems to make it more enjoyable. If you are looking for a vintage Tamagotchi, the P1 is a great starting point. If you are looking for the connection series (monochrome pixel screens released 2004 and later), then I suggest the V1 (Plus for the Japanese version) or V2. If you want the color screen series, definitely start with the +Color.
  8. How does Yahoo Japan work? How can I buy from them?
    You must use a deputy service to purchase things from Yahoo! Japan Auctions unless you live in Japan, and have a Japanese bank account. Sellers on YJP only accept payment through Japanese bank transfer, and will only ship within Japan. There are many deputy services available. I use Rinkya. Their fees can be more expensive, but I like their service. I also like their tools which allow you to bid instantly on your own, as opposed to other services that require you to send your bid request, then they will bid for you when they get to your email. I have a guide on buying from Yahoo! Japan through Rinkya. I am not familiar with other services.
  9. How do you keep all those virtual pets happy?
    I don't run every pet I own at once. That would be nuts. I own over 400 virtual pets. I take the batteries out of the ones I'm not playing, and store them in bins. Usually I only run one pet. I work full-time, so it is difficult to run more than one, but sometimes in my less busy periods, I will run 2-3. I usually run them for a generation or two, then take the batteries out, and pick something else to play.

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