Vial of Aruderu Guide

The Vial of Aruderu is a virtual pet based off of the show Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy. It was released in Japan in 1998, and tends to be a hard to find collector's item.

The object of the game is to collect different spirits, and have them practice magic. When the spirit's time is over, you will be rated on how well you cared for it.

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  • Magic Practice
  • Game
  • Divination
    • Dating (おてつだい)
    • Help (ちょきん)
    • Money (おしゃれ)
    • Fashion (おでかけ)
    • Friends (ともだち)
  • Dance
  • Random Incident
    • Cheer (おうえん)
    • Watch (みまもる)
    • Anchovy (ニボシ)
  • Parameters
    • Concentration
    • Days
    • Star Seeds
    • Sun Beam Seeds
    • Diamond Seeds
    • Plant Seeds
    • Acorn Seeds
  • Formulation of Seeds
  • Call Icon

When you startup your Vial of Aruderu, you will need to set the time. Use the A button to change the hour, the B button to change the minutes, and the C button to confirm. Once you have set the time, you will need to combine three seeds to create your first spirit.

Magic Practice
Your spirit needs to practice their magic in order ro raise their concentration hearts. The object of the game is to pick the correct pot to cast a spell on. Press the A button to select the left pot, or press the B button to select the right pot. The spell will appear above the chosen pot as your spirit casts the spell. If successful, a heart will appear in place of the pot. If unsuccessful, Anchovy the cat's face will flash over the screen. Each round consists of 5 tries. Successfully cast a spell on the correct pot three times to win. Winning a round of magic practice will not always raise your spirit's concentration.

The slot game is a way of earning additional seeds. Use either the A or B buttons to start and stop the slot machine. Different seed combinations give you different payouts. It will automatically add the seeds to your inventory without showing an animation. The crown icon is a wildcard symbol.

Seed Combos and Payouts

  • 3 matching seeds = 3 of those seeds
  • 2 matching seeds + a crown = 2 of those seeds
  • 1 seed + 2 crowns = 1 of that seed
  • 3 crowns = 5 seeds of three different types

Your spirit can divine your fortune for you. You can get a reading for dating, help, money, fashion, and friends. The different areas of reading will flash at the bottom of the screen in that order. Press the B button to select which reading you would like. If you get a perfect fortune, you will get to see your spirit rejoice with little hearts floating around it.

Your spirit knows different dances. Select this icon, then press the A or B buttons 5 times to have it dance. Different button combos will have your spirit show you different dances.

Random Events
Sometimes a random event will pop up on the screen. You will need to select this icon to make a decision on how to handle the event. You can choose cheer, watch, or Anchovy the cat. If you selected the correct solution, Your spirit will dance with a heart floating on the screen. If you select the incorrect solution, you will see your spirit perform a sad animation. Ignoring an event or selecting the wrong option can cause your spirit's concentration to drop.

This menu will allow you to see the current status of your spirit.

You want your spirit's concentration as high as you can get it. This meter is represented by hearts. Practice some magic to raise this score.

This is the amount of days you have been raising spirits.

These screens will show you a seed and how many you have of each.

Formulation of Seeds
This is the option to create more spirits. Use the A button to cycle through the different seeds you have, then use the B button to select the three seeds you wish to combine. After a short animation, the resulting spirit will appear.

Call Icon
This icon will light up along with the pink top of the toy when your spirit needs something. The icon will stay lit while the top will only flash a few times.

Clock Set
While on the character screen, press the B button. Press the A and C button to set the time. Use the A button to set the hour, B button to set the minutes, and C button to confirm.

To mute your Vial of Aruderu, press the A and C buttons simultaneously on the character screen.

Character Chart
See the character chart below for character names, pictures, corresponding seeds, and powers.

Manipulates the wind

Spirit of the heart

Manipulates water

Manipulates light

Manipulates plants

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